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Welcome to Buckets Gone Wild! and our unique organizer patterns.  It has been almost ten years ago since I designed the first organizer pattern, the 5 Gallon Tote-all-Bucket, to carry my soft-dollmaking supplies to the monthly meeting of my doll club. Of all the patterns I have designed, the Mug Bucket that fits over a coffee mug and the 5 quart Jitter Bucket have been the best. As an alternative to the 5 quart ice cream bucket, which are not always available, a 5 quart paint bucket provides the base.  The new Dandy Bucket was designed to fit the 4 quart ice cream containers.

All patterns are available in the PDF format and you can have them as soon as you place the order.  Most of the same patterns come in a printed format for wholesale for stores ordering more than 12 patterns.  See the list of quilt shops that carry Buckets Gone Wild! patterns.  Some of the patterns are also carried by craft catalogs.

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The Bucket Bucket is an upcycled Blue Bunny ice cream container The Dandy Bucket organizer recycles a 4 quart ice cream bucket Upcycled 5 quart ice cream bucket organizer pattern
Cup organizer made with coordinating fabric pockets Go Bucket structure is based on felt.  Drawstring top becomes a tote. Teach a two-hour class with this kitty litter bucket organizer pattern

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